About Africa

Trying to describe Africa in a short notice is practically impossible. You might as well try to describe the World in a short notice; “a place full of people of all kinds, love and hate, beauty and horror, happiness and tragedy, rich and poor, full and empty, fast and slow, big and small, the colors of the rainbow, creatures of all categories, even un-categorized ones. Africa is nothing monotonous, not “one” place, not “one” category. But still: It’s the topic of the Africa Travel Blog. And here is a more detailed introduction to this massively diverse continent:

Africa is the world’s second largest and second most populous continent, with 53 different countries and home to more than a billion people. In some way it is the home to all people, as the origin of the human race. Africa is also home to more than 1100 mammal species, 2600 different bird species, 3000 fish species and probably way more than 100 000 insect species. One important reason for all this diversity is all the different climates you find in Africa; tropical areas with jungles and rain forests, dry deserts and even sub-arctic areas on the mountain peaks.

Natural resources are abundant in large parts of Africa, but due to tragic events like colonialism, war, dictators, diseases, exploitation, and bad leadership, the continent is still struggling with harsh poverty and underdevelopment. That is why an important category on this Africa Travel Blog is sustainable and responsible travel: How can you make sure your travels benefit the local people and community?

Luckily life in Africa is not always as sad as it may appear in the news media. It is the most beautiful place, full of stunning scenery, colors, music, animals, happy people and a friendly pleasant vibe. So to learn more about this wonderful continent, keep reading this blog and you will get all the information and inspiration you need before you plan your next African Adventure!