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The Park Hyatt

Find peace of mind & answers to your questions about the best Johannesburg accommodation for you! Money saving tips & superb deals on the best Johannesburg accommodation for you.

Our advice is based on the following: My wife is a local South African and we’ve lived in Johannesburg as a family from 1993 to 2007.

I came to love Johannesburg & here are our secrets to saving money on places to stay here. Just like accommodation in other parts of South Africa your choices for Johannesburg accommodation are varied and diverse. Johannesburg is South Africa’s business capital.

Johannesburg is the city for doing deals and business. Berated as being dangerous, it is improving. I did not seen one mugging, car jacking or robbery while living there from 1993 to 2007 – 14 years.

But it does happen, so use the discretion you would use in any big city.

Increasingly it is the city for nightlife. Newtown is the cultural center of the city with jazz clubs, dance clubs and a distinct young people’s urban vibe.

It is also where there is a strong new wave of loft and other upscale residential real estate development is occurring.

Johannesburg (or Jo’burg or Jozi as locals call it) is also a city rich in history, especially apartheid history. Spending some time in Johannesburg enables you to explore Soweto, the enormous African township. (You do need a guide for this.) It is home to 2 to 4 million people and The Mandela Museum. The Apartheid Museum is nearby. Both are easily reached on a full or half day tour from all Johannesburg accommodation.

Our Top 3 Luxury Accommodation Choices In Johannesburg

The Park Hyatt – an excellent hotel located in Rosebank. Rosebank is a great place to walk around. The area has high end shopping, cafes, movie houses, and supermarkets. Lots of locals frequent Rosebank and its associated malls so you get a real local feel with all the benefits of a high end hotel, that is centrally located.

The Michelangelo – A five star hotel that adjoins two of South Africa’s most exclusive shopping malls – Sandton City and Mandela Square. Great service, fine location – close to scores of restaurants, and high end stores.

The Westcliff – There aren’t enough superlatives for this hotel. Located in Westcliff, one of Johannesburg’s oldest, wealthiest and most beautiful suburbs. Built on one of Johannesburg’s cliffs, the views over the leafy suburbs north of Johannesburg are wonderful. It has a unique hillside village feel since the suites are built up the cliff. There are golf cart shuttles that take you up and down. We have lived in this area for years… the spa, the restaurants, the ability to go for wonderful walks in a stunning residential area makes it a favorite. You’ll love this hotel!

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You need not just consider luxury accommodation. Johannesburg offers accommodation across a wide range of prices and settings. This city has something for everyone and for every budget. Five star hotels, middle range affordable accommodation, budget and cheap accommodation. Johannesburg hotels, guesthouses, bed and breakfasts cater for all tastes – from sublime to basic.

Money Saving Tips For Johannesburg Accommodation

1. As the economic capital of South Africa, Johannesburg accommodation is in high demand largely from South African and international business travelers. This means that you can often find deals for weekend stays —and you can visit apartheid sites like the Mandela Museum or the Apartheid Museum.

2. Remember to look at Johannesburg’s many guest houses and bed &breakfasts; as well.
They offer good value for money and often are in excellent areas of the city.

3. Tips on the best areas to stay in:

Most visitors stay in Johannesburg’s leafy northern suburbs, which include Sandton and Rosebank. These northern suburbs are wealthy, well manicured and centers for shopping. The malls in these areas rival those of the US and Europe.

But if you want to shop for diamonds and gold you need to go to the diamond cutting and gold jewelry factories in the center of Johannesburg. These are the places where you can choose precious stones and have custom designed gold jewelry made within days.

Johannesburg is also the place for the best buys on African arts & crafts, fine African art, and luxury goods like diamond and ostrich skin purses, bags and accessories – all from wholesalers or factory stores. If you are into shopping, Johannesburg is the best place in South Africa to do it. Here is where you’ll get the best buys, the widest range and highest quality.

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