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Protea Marine Hotel

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Port Elizabeth is a coastal city with lovely beaches. In its own right is a relaxing city in a beautiful setting, well worth a visit.

If you do the Garden Route you normally will either start your journey in Port Elizabeth and end in Cape Town or start your journey in Cape Town and end it in Port Elizabeth.

Driving from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town is highly recommended because the scenery becomes more dramatic as you approach Cape Town.

Known as the Friendly City, Port Elizabeth is both relaxing and safe.

Since it is not as popular a tourism destination as Durban or Cape Town, Port Elizabeth accommodation gives better value for money. Durban and Cape Town accommodation, South Africa’s top tourist cities are more accessible to Johannesburg. And Johannesburg is where most local South African tourists come from.

For me Port Elizabeth is just a delightful little city. You have the Indian Ocean at your doorstep, a boardwalk along the beach (where I have enjoyed running), a casino right on the boardwalk and lots of sunshine year round!

Top choice for Port Elizabeth accommodation?

Protea Marine Hotel

A fine 4 star hotel with sweeping views of the Indian Ocean, close to the boardwalk, shopping and restaurants. Its not the fanciest or the most luxurious but the location is the best. Close to the ocean with sweeping views.

Here Are My Money Saving Tips For Port Elizabeth Accommodation

Port Elizabeth accommodation experiences the same peak season phenomena as Durban and Cape Town.
It has accommodation across a wide range of prices and settings. So the city has something for everyone and for every budget. Five star hotels, middle range affordable accommodation, budget and cheap accommodation.

Like Cape Town and Durban, Port Elizabeth is also crowded in December and January. But because it is more remote and less accessible to Johannesburg residents (who make up the major part of the December and January crowds), Port Elizabeth is never as crowded as Durban or Cape Town during these times.

Peak season is the South Africa summer (Dec to March). But note that the off season is a wonderful time to travel on the Garden Route there is little or no rain and lots of sunshine.
Remember the South Africa winter is also one of the best times to go on a South African safari!

Port Elizabeth offers accommodation – hotels, guest houses, bed and breakfasts cater for all tastes from sublime to basic.


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