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Sheraton Hotel Pretoria

Find peace of mind & answers to your questions about the best Pretoria accommodation for you. Money saving tips & superb deals on all Pretoria accommodation.

Our goal is to let you know the secrets to saving money on accommodation in South Africa’s capital city – Pretoria. Our advice is based on scores of trips to Pretoria.

Right now Pretoria is less than 30 minutes from Johannesburg if there is no traffic. It is considered safer than Johannesburg and is a great alternative to Johannesburg if your flight schedule requires spending the night.

Already the accommodation market in Pretoria and the Johannesburg accommodation market are becoming one. Together they are in some ways representative of accommodation in South Africa. Varied and diverse.

The best time to visit Pretoria is when its thousands of Jacaranda trees are in bloom. These trees produce a profusion of beautiful lilac and purple flowers in the spring (in October most predictably).

It is gives the city a canopy of purple splendor.
This is also the source of its nickname “The Jacaranda City”. Pretoria is almost as close to Johannesburg International Airport as Johannesburg is. So it really is a viable option if your flight schedule means you have to spend the night.

Our Top 3 Luxury Pretoria Accommodation & Johannesburg Accommodation Choices

Illyria House

A very small luxury hotel with fine art, classical music, and exceptional food and service. Though in Pretoria, from Johannesburg International Airport you can get here just as quickly as if you were going to the best Johannesburg hotels. You will love this elegant place “ it is a favorite of ours since it also is very relaxing and not stiff.

Pretoria Sheraton

“ A five star hotel that is close to the Union Buildlings. Very good service, fine location. If you like big hotels this is one to consider.However our favorite is Illyria House. Illyria is special. Both are wonderful hotels to use especially if going to travel on either the Blue Train or Rovos Rail.

The Westcliff

“ There are not enough superlatives for this hotel. Located in Westcliff, one of Johannesburg’s oldest, wealthiest and most beautiful suburbs. Built into a cliff, the views over the leafy suburbs north of Johannesburg are wonderful. It has a unique hillside village feel since the suites are built up the cliff. There are golf cart shuttles that take you up and down. You’ll love this hotel!

Money Saving Tips For Pretoria Accommodation

You need not just consider luxury accommodation. Pretoria offers accommodation across a wide range of prices and settings.

So the city has something for everyone and for every budget. Five star hotels, middle range affordable accommodation, budget and cheap accommodation. Pretoria accommodation includes hotels, guesthouses, bed and breakfasts cater for all tastes “from sublime to basic”.

  1. Pretoria is the political capital of South Africa. So demand for Pretoria South Africa accommodation is largely from governmental officials (South African and international) and businessmen (also South African and international).

So like Johannesburg you can often find deals for weekend stays. Look for them.

Pretoria is a pretty city with some stately government buildings. For the tourist it is an attractive alternative to spending the night in Johannesburg. You may have to overnight in one of these cities if you are en route to Victoria Falls or Kruger and your flight schedule does not permit you to connect on the same day. Pretoria hotel rates are generally lower than Johannesburg’s.

Take a look at Pretoria’s many guest houses and bed and breakfasts as well.



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