Franschhoek Country House

Franschhoek Country House

The building that currently houses the Franschhoek Country House used to be a perfumery and was constructed in the 1890s. This building has been restored perfectly and is now regarded as one of the top hotels of Cape Town. Franschhoek Country House is located in the outskirts of a South African village; you will need only around an hour to reach this hotel from the city of Cape Town. Due to this position of the hotel, it is recognized as an ideal; gateway for people looking to visit Western Cape.

Each of the rooms of the Franschhoek Country House will come with facilities that one can expect only in first class hotel rooms. Majority of the guest rooms of this hotel has a private patio or a private balcony, from where you will get to view the picturesque backdrop of the hotel. You can choose from 4 room types; the standard deluxe rooms, the luxury rooms, the villa suites and the garden cottages. There are 12 villa suites, 2 garden cottages 5 luxury rooms and 6 standard deluxe rooms in this South African hotel.

Franschhoek Country House

If you are wondering about the dining options available at Franschhoek Country House, you should be rest assured. The in-house restaurant of this hotel i.e. the Monneaux restaurant is regarded as one of the best restaurants of the country. Here you will get to eat high quality contemporary French cuisine. The chefs working in this restaurant have years of experience and are specially trained to prepare foods according to the palate of the customers. The special Ala-Carte lunch of this restaurant gets served in the hotel’s fountain terrace; the dinner on the other hand is organized in a much understated, but extremely stylish dining room. Besides being known for the appetizing foods served here, the Monneaux restaurant is also famous for the list of wine available here.


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