Overlanding Africa

Unlike other safaris or tours, overlanding Africa lets travelers to discover the true meaning of adventure. Not only does it focus on the safari destinations but it entirely gives visitors insight into the actual adventure of exploring Africa. It is an extra-ordinary outdoor experience of its own! Explore and experience Africa in a group using our classic and comfortable trucks and stay in several scenic tourist sites only on overlanding trip.

Overlanding Africa is one of the kind adventures that lets you explore and experience the vast savannas of Africa while also enjoying exceptional view over diverse wildlife species. It is a unique experience that involves you walking into villages and interact with local residents. On the other, you spend a night the vast savannas while enjoying the clear skies. Ideally, it is unusual African safari experience worth taking part. Overlanding trip through Africa to some people may look like a huge undertaking but with some effort and energy, it is one of the best adventure experiences of lifetime.

How overlanding Africa is done

Overlanding Africa involves camping where you get a chance to interact with nature and explore some of the most breathtaking landscapes Africa has to offer the world. Most sites that you will be exploring whether in or outside the national parks are all regulated. Some of them are within craters and savanna grassland just beneath the limbs of massive trees and usually just outside the national reserves. You ought to come along with your sleeping bag preferably waterproof plus pillow.

Overlanding trips in Africa bring together travelers with similar travel needs. The trucks used are designed to suit the purpose of transporting small or large groups through while allowing you get the best of the Africa’s breathtaking sceneries.

The other amazing part of it is that everyone on the ride pitches in to assist where need be-what is termed as participatory camping. This means you may take part in setting up a camp or prepare dinner while someone can do the driving.

And most importantly, you get in Africa-overlanding Africa lets you to explore and experience the most scenic tourist sites including among others the Table Mountain which rewards you with breathtaking view over the stunning Cape Town, view the red sunset reflect off the granite peaks of Etosha in Namibia, track African lions in the scenic Serengeti National Park or Queen Elizabeth National Park, enjoy the amazing atmosphere at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro, have the best moment with the Masai in Kenya, cool yourself with the mist emanating from the Victoria falls or Murchison Falls.

How to plan for overlanding tour in Africa

To have a successful overlanding trip in Africa, there are a number of things to put into consideration and they include among others;

Know the destination you wish to visit

Generally, Africa is a large continent about 3 times the size of US and there are countless destinations to consider for overlanding trips. This means, you have a lot to cover which requires you to understand the main highlights you would like to see to help determine your trip. Overlanding trips in Africa can done in either East Africa or Southern Africa. Depending on your travel needs, exploring through Africa specifically considering visiting the Victoria Falls, Cape Town, Garden route, KwaZulu Natal or Kruger National Park means your overlanding tour will concentrate around the Southern Africa. If it is East Africa then consider the following sites a must to visit-the vast savannas of the Masai Mara National Reserve, Lake Nakuru National Park, Samburu National Reserve/Park, Amboseli National Park in Kenya; Zanzibar, Kilimanjaro, Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania; Murchison Falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda; in Zimbabwe-Hwange Park, Great Zimbabwe ruins, Victoria Falls and many more.

When to travel

Overlanding in Africa can be done at any time of the year. When planning for overlanding trip, you need to consider the peak and low season as each of them may have an impact on your overlanding experience in Africa. If you want to avoid the hot summer or embark on camping trip when rainfall is minimal or witness the great wildebeest migration. July and August are ideal months of the year if your plans are to visit Kenya or Tanzania. To have strike your imaginations with a group of the endangered mountain gorillas, you need to visit Rwanda, Uganda around December, January, February or June, July, August and September.

How long you do plan to stay

When planning for an overlanding trip in Africa, the number of days also matter. To have an in-depth exploration while on overlanding tour in Africa, you will need about 7 days to 25 days or even more. The amount time is what determines the distance you will cover. For those of you who will be breaking off from work, you may spend a shorter period of time compared to those who have open calendars. Preferably, you will need about two weeks or more to have an exceptional road trip in Africa.

Know your budget

Your budget matters a lot when it comes to overlanding trips in Africa. When planning overlanding trip in Africa, ask yourself how much you have and how much you are willing to spend. There are a number of variables to consider that determine the rate of your tour and it is essential to bear in mind that your budget does shape your experience. Among others include the accommodation facility for your stay and your price may range from $ 1000 to 2000 or even $3000 and above per person. You should also bear in mind about the extra expenses which include among other tips, beverages, laundry service and extra activities outside your travel plan.

African overland trips come in different types-you can choose accommodated overland trips which target medium group size, overland camping trips-these target mainly large groups, family overland trips which target for shorter travel distances and they are perfect for visitors on family tour or embark on exclusive overland tour that targets smaller groups.

Type of accommodation

On overlanding trip in Africa, you can choose to camp or spend a night in a lodge. Camping is amazing experience the fact that it lets you immerse yourself in the wilderness of Africa and accommodation in a lodge allows you have a comfortable stay in bed.

How do you plan to travel-solo or as a group?

When planning your overland trip in Africa, you need consider how you plan to travel either as a solo traveler or as a group. On a solo tour, you have absolute freedom and flexible trip and as a group, it is a rare bonding experience as you interact with family members, friends. However, both experiences have significance and challenges.

You can also rent a car for your travel through different destinations in East and Southern Africa. Some of the recommended agencies from which you can rent a car for your overland trip include;

What you should expect on African overland trips

  • Overlanding trips in Africa involve participation and teamwork.
  • It is entirely a shared experience-you get to meet new people while discovering the magic of Africa.
  • Explore different routes in Africa which may differ from those back in your home country.
  • Diversity of African experiences ranging from cultural encounters to game viewing in the Africa’s pristine wilderness areas.

In conclusion, there are a handful journeys in life that give travelers that sense of adventure like overlanding trip in Africa. Be part of overland tour in Africa and experience something unique in your life.