Robben Island: Imprison yourself in exile beauty

Robben Island in South Africa

Inscribed in 1999 as UNESCO World Heritage Site, Robben Island is the landmark in history and a place that has emerged as the beauty beyond of its past history of cruelty on it.

Robben Island a place for exile and banishment, for isolation and imprisonment, here political troublemakers, unwanted of society and social outcasts were send. The island has been used as prison for ages since yore, and it cane under the eye of world for the institutional brutality during apartheid years of South Africa.

“Today when I look at Robben Island, I see it as a celebration of the struggle and a symbol of the finest qualities of the human spirit, rather than as a monument to the brutal tyranny and oppression of apartheid. It is true that Robben Island was once a place of darkness, but out of that darkness has come a wonderful brightness, a light so powerful that it could not be hidden behind prison walls…”
Nelson Mandela

But today Robben Island is story about victory over apartheid and on human rights abuse. It showcases of transformative power of forgiveness and can be called a place of political pilgrimage. This place is now a triumph and as mentioned earlier a UNESCO site, for Robben Island is now a museum. The Robben Island museum is the dynamic institution, a focal point for South Africa’s heritage and culture. It has educational programs for youth, school children and even adults and also facilitating tourism and conducting research on Robben Island.

Robben Island is little windswept island, that will capture your heart and mind with its beauty. Situated some 20 miles from Cape Town, Robben Island is solitude and serene place with tranquility permeating in its environment having stunning view of Table Mountains. A tour of prison will imprison you with moving thoughts as the guides are former political prisoners. Ferry trip from beautiful V&A Waterfront for an unforgettable experience. The tour is of some four to five hours and you must visit the museum. Also named after seal, this wildlife was abundant along with ocean birds, but with poachers and killing they got less in numbers. Though you can still and glimpse them on oceanfront. The place is good for spending some solitude time alone and or if you want some time with someone alone from the hot and happening crowd of Cape Town.

“There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered.” Nelson Mandela
As said in quote above the place is still an imprisonment, but of happy holidays and exciting vacation and vista of amazing beauty. If to Cape Town don’t miss out a tour to visit this amazing place which has withstood cruelty and given beautiful gift in return.


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