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Rent a Car with Self Drive Rwanda

In the past 5 years, Renting a car on self drive or guided tour in Rwanda has become easier. Today it is a common practice and you can find one in almost all big towns in Rwanda.

When renting a car in Rwanda, there are specific things that car rental agent may not tell and you only get to know on the last day. To avoid being left in surprises and you have any plans to visit Rwanda this coming peak season starting June, check out some of the classic, comfortable and pocket friendly cars for your travel in Rwanda. There are several options for car travel. Choose to go on self drive car or rent a car with  self drive Rwanda. We offer the best car rentals for not only self drive but also for guided safaris. Above all what you need to look up when renting a car in Rwanda is a reliable service that will make your trip trouble free.

For memorable self-drive tours in Rwanda, the land of a thousand hills, please check out some of the tips. These tips are well prepared to guide you on how to get the best car rental in Rwanda;

More options to choose from

When choosing a car to hire for self drive in Rwanda, make sure you are presented with variety of options to help you pick the best and that dream car for your road trip. Usually, most car hire agencies or companies feature variety of cars for visitors to make a choice ranging from saloon cars, SUVs, Land cruisers, coasters to minivans. This is to enable you make the right choice which at end, meets your travel needs. It is important to hire a 4×4 for your travel in Rwanda’s remote areas. If you are looking to traveling to a national park, renting a 4×4 car in Rwanda is very important so that you can smoothly travel on the rough roads within these protected areas.

Hidden costs and expenses

Have adequate time to inquire from the car hire agency or company on the hidden costs or expenses to avoid being taken by surprise on the last minute. It hurts paying something that you never planned for and to avoid, make sure that you are aware of hidden costs besides the car hire rates. Normally, there are related costs that you need to meet. The most common charges that are not included in your rental fee include parking fees, traffic police fines, toll charges, personal travel insurance etc.

Flexibility to pick up and drop off points

When renting a car, ask the car hire agent or company about options for car pick up and if it is fine to pick it at the airport or other places of your choice. In most cases, there are charges involved at airport delivery and car pick up but other car rental agencies also provide these options for free.

Be Aware of Speed Limits

Most road users in Rwanda are aware of the relatively low speed limits. In most areas, you will drive at speed not exceeding 40km/hr. Be in the know that most of Rwanda is mountainous and these speed limits are highly effected by the Traffic Police in order to ensure that your reach safely your desired destination. Given this scenario, you are advised to plan your travel time well in advance.

In summary, every car hire company has its own set terms and conditions and in most cases, there are things that you won’t get to know till the last day that you will be told. Not to be taken by surprise, take note of the above information and you will have unforgettable holiday in Rwanda.

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