Exploring Yaounde City: Things to See & Do

Yaounde City

Visit Africa the continent of pleasures and enjoy the pleasures that are so much a part of this lovely travel destination. Visit Africa and enjoy the travel luxury here and bask in the glory of an enchanting paradise. While here, visit Yaounde and experience this undiscovered treasure of Africa. With the innumerable treats that the city has to offer people actually refer this as a miniature Africa. Yaounde situated in seven hills, offers the best savannas, mountains, coastlines, deserts and rain forests.

It is very surprising that in spite of such beautiful landscapes and gorgeous sights, Yaounde is more popular for its palaces, museums and many other landmarks that dot this entire region. Experience the pleasures of finding yourself amidst the most historical luxuries and take back a nostalgic travel kitty. While on tours here, the tourists get totally enthralled by the sights of the diverse culture of Africa and the traditions of a lost paradise. There is something very spectacular about this entire travel experience which makes tours here greatly enchanting. 

Visit the Afhemi Museum and experience the pleasures of this place which is home to many artifacts that have had a great influence on the history and culture of the entire continent. There are royal beds, ritual masks; fabrics here which make this museum experience a greatly fascinating deal. This museum dates back to more than 900 years old. There are sights of Kini Yen Design variety of clothing which is for sale in the museum.

Then there is the Benedictine Monastery which has been existing since the year 1967. The museum is very simple and has a chapel that exhibits some of the best textiles and crafts of the traditional type. There are many other attractions in the city which are inclusive of the National Museum of Yaounde .then there are the sights of the small zoos and much more. If you really wish to experience the culture and traditional history of Africa, a visit to this lovely place is sure to relax your tired nerves.

Pepping up your travel quotient is Francis Town which is another interesting place to visit here in this part of the world. There is a good exhibition of past history here which explores the innermost wonders of the continent of Africa.

You can reach Yaounde by air and most of the European destinations like Amsterdam, London, and Paris are connected to this unique African beauty. Most of the flights land at a place called Doula. Passengers then take a bus to Yaounde. Douala is around three to four drive from Yaounde.

In case you wish to take the train, then one can take the services offered by rail between Yaounde to Adamawa. Normally however trains here are used to transport cargo.

It is worth taking the ‘prestige’ service if you are arriving from Douala. Again there are those city buses which ensure that you are sure to enjoy the travel comfort here. Tourists really love to come here and do something different. There are those fun things like the Movg Betsi Zoo which have lions, primates and also a kid’s playground. Then there is the Mokolo market which is huge and is big. There are the swimming pools here in Mont Febe which give the best swimming pool experience.

There are government offices, and hotels in the city centre. Then there is the neighbourhood of Bastos which are owned by the locals and is also the place where you would find most of the foreign embassies and also the European community of the expatriate group. The Etoudi region has the presidential palace with the huge compound.

Visit the Cathedrale Notre Dame des Victoires which is the seat of the Archdiocese of Yaounde. Then you have the Basilique Marie Reine des Apotres which has been constructed on the first missionary church found in the region of Cameroon. Also see the Cameroon Art Museum which is situated in an earlier Benedictine monastery. Also visit the Afhemi Museum, the Palais du Sport and your travel here is complete.

Visit Yaounde in Africa and enjoy the pleasures of a different destination.


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