Flic En Flac – A Beautiful Town

flic en flac town mauritius

Flic En Flac is one of Africa’s unknown jewels. The town is an incredibly well kept secret by the numerous discerning travelers that come here for their dose of peace and quiet. The village is an extremely beautiful location that has got to be increasingly popular in the recent years.

The resort was once just a small fishing village, which has now come a good distance from its humble days. It is now ranked among the top destinations in the country. There are a huge number of excellent beaches here that are simply picture postcard perfect. These have pristine sands and crystal clear waters.

Even though the resort town has increased in popularity in the recent times, the spotlight has not been turned on it so much so that it has turned into a commercial destination filled with huge resorts.

The village is one of the best destinations if you want to enjoy a holiday in peace and quiet. The heavenly stretch of lagoon here is simply one of the best experiences ever. Tourism has been a great reviving factor for the economy here, which has never seen better days.

Flik En Flac beach is situated on the west coast and is filled with Casurina trees on one side. The beach is quite popular with both locals and tourists alike. The lagoon is simply one of the most beautiful locations here.


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