Tour Delights in Sabratha City

Sabritha City

Sabratha city is situated in the northern part of Libya and is one other main cities in the Tripolis. Around 65 km from the coast of Mediterranean, this has been the capital of the Sabratha Wa Surman region. this archaeological site was also recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 1982.

Founded some time in the year 500 B it was also a portion of the Numidian Empire. There were many buildings that were constructed during the rule of the Emperor Septimus. Sometime in the fourth century there was a huge earthquake which completed ruined the city and it was completely destroyed.

There are many other attractions which provide a lot of travel delight to tourists visiting this part of the world. See the ruins of the third century and enjoy the theater with three storeys that are a wonderful example of the architecture that existed in those days. Then you also have many other attractions which include the Liber Pater and the Serapis. Temples.

See the Christian Basilica which provide lovely delights with the mosaic floors. There is a museum nearby which gives the best collections of the city of Sabratha and then you also have other collections that are all seen in the Tripoli National Museum.

See the theatre which is a major attraction here in Sabratha and is very good condition and is being restored today. The museum is a must here and it has a great exhibition of things which include stuff like small coins and statues too.

During the rule of the Romans the Tripolitania region had three cities and these are the Oea, Leptis Magna, and Sabratha. Sabratha is said to have reached its zenith during the Septimus dynasty rule. The city was completely destroyed due to the many earthquakes which rocked the city during the fourth century. Trade then got transferred to other parts of the world and Sabratha just dwindled into a small village.

Today when we visit Sabratha we see the theater in good condition as it has been restored and it is a major arena for concerts and local theatres.

Wadi Methkandoush is a lovely region near Sabratha and provides a great tour delight to all who come to this part of the world. It runs for around a kilometre along the foot of the Msek Settafet Mountains. This is a small compact zone and is a lovely rock face and looks as if it is waiting to be painted by an artist on canvas. The pastoralists and hunters used to use it a lot and the entire region looks great and is a perfect treat for the eyes.

Walk along the wadi wall and just climb up to a greatly located ledge here and bask in the pleasures of a lovely sight of the petrogylphs in the country.

See the beautiful sights of the rock engravings here which have the best sights like the fish, buffalo and elephant which are just some of the small time highlights here . Then you also have the best pictures which show a larger than life portrayal of two fighting wild cats.

Visit Fezzan which is another beautiful region in this part of the world in Northern Africa. Spanning over around 700,000 square kilometres, this is a blend of heavily eroded sandstone and also basalt mountains, this was a very fertile area earlier. From around 12,000 to 4,500 years ago t his was a region which had the best kind of flora and fauna and pastoral plains. This is the time the people were progressing from hunter gatherers to pastoralists and this has been depicted in the petrogylphs and rock arts in this part of the world.

The Jeball Akakus is another lovely region which has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site. This has been untouched since long and today is providing a great tour delight. The entire region is surrounded by weird rock formations and many images of giraffes elephants and huge cattle. These images were created some 10,000 years ago.

This entire area was a temperate savannah and the land was fertile with the best of animals roaming here in this part of Africa. So while you come to the northern part of Africa, just enjoy the lovely sights of the antelope, elephants, lions and wild cattle. Then nomadic gatherers started settling here slowly. The Akakus has some of the richest form or art and is a lovely travel sight here.

Thus visits to Africa are not without the best sights in the northern part of the country. visit Sabratha city which is one such African pleasure and bask in the pleasures of a lovely travel destination.


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