Get Acquainted with the God City of Luxor

Luxor the City of God

Luxor is a city in Egypt which is famous for being the worlds greatest open air museum. The city has the site of the Ancient Egyptian city of Thebes. Where the temple ruins of Kanark and Luxor are, lies the river Nile. And on the other side of the river, lies the valley of kings, the valley of queens and the Necropolis.

Because of these sites, the city of Luxor has become very popular amongst tourists.
Luxor used to be the ancient city of Thebes in Egypt. The city was said to have been blessed by Amon -Ra. Also called ‘city of the scepter’ and ‘the shrine’. Thebes was known as ‘the city of hundred gates’ and ’southern Heliopolis’. This was the main venue for the worship of the sun God Ra. Luxor, Memphis and Heliopolis were the three distinguished cities in Egypt at this time. The earlier town as it consistently grew in its social status, art, religious and political supremacy. Later on the city became the military and political capital of ancient Egypt.
Later on the city of Thebes lost its political and military importance in the region. It was succeeded in its role by Alexandria.

Luxor Temple of of Egypt

Even though the city went through all this loss of power, it still maintained being the religious capital of Egypt. Thebes as a city had a main God called Amon. As Thebes grew in in Egypt, Amon grew as well; linked to the Sun God Ra, and they thus created a new deity celled ‘Amon-Ra’ also called king of Gods.
The city receives almost no rainfall. In summers you might want to keep away as the temperatures go as high as fifty degrees Celsius. To go from the east bank of the river to the west bank, you will find many ferries and be sure to try out the motorboat known for their speedy crossings of the bank.

He east side of the bank is quite spread out, so you may have to use transport. There are many bus routes available that take you most of everywhere in the region. The specialty local transport here is horsed carriages called ‘caleches’. These even provide citywide tours.
Taxi cabs are also widely available. The standard taxis are new and well air conditioned. So if you are looking for a fairly comforting ride, don’t hesitate to stop a cab.

Let us look at the things that you can do on the west bank:

  • Luxor temple
  • Karnak temple
  • Luxor museum
  • Mummification museum

Now let us look at the things that we can do on the east side:

  • Valley of kings
  • Valley of queens
  • Medinat Habu
  • The Ramesseum
  • Tombs of the nobles
  • Malkat
  • Colossi of Memnon

So come to Luxor and experience life in one of the most important cities of ancient Egypt


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