Experience the Lovely City of Tunis

The City of Tunis

While you are in Tunisia, whether you are here to go visit other famous attractions; or your just stopping by; the city of Tunis is admirably warm with good food, good places to live and lovely things to see.

Let us find out a little more about the picturesque city of Tunis.

The famous ancient city of ‘Carthage’ is easily accessible from Tunis. Tunis is world famous for its Souq where you get authentic products and provides you with the most hassle free experience in all of north Africa. The city of Tunis is divided into two parts. One is the old city of Medina and the new city or ville nouvelle. Moving around in Tunis is easy because of its well developed metro system. And the main hub for changing your metro train is the very center of the city which is the Place De la Republique. You can also avail of the many taxi cabs that are driving around in the city.

Let us take a look at things that you could do while you are here in the city.

Bardo Museum

The museum is essentially the palace; of the thirteenth century Ottoman ruler, Bey. The museum is known for its Roman mosaics. It also has many showpieces from Carthage, Sousse, Mahdia and also Roman-Arab artifacts. 

Cathedral of St. Vincent DE Paul

This is one of the oldest monumental buildings from Tunis’s colonial era.

Zitouna mosque

This is the largest mosque in the whole of Tunisia. The mosque is as old as the eighth century. Through the years however, additions have been made to the mosque.

Bab el Bahr

The gate was constructed in eighteen fifty and till today stands strong. This is built as the ‘gate to the sea’.

Take a walk

Tunis is full of ancient buildings, mosques and gates. Get acquainted with the local people and enjoy the local culture.

Also there are operas, ballets and other dramas going on the Municipal theater in Tunis.

Belvedere park is the largest park in Tunis which has a museum of modern art and has a zoo as well.

The Souq in Tunis is just outrageous, here you can find oils, spices, perfumes, locally made furniture amongst other things. Halfaouine is a cheap food market that sells traditional food

If you are looking for places to go eat;

Try Abid where you can get a superb meal of meat and macaroni for very cheap

Also try Restaurante Les Etoile which is cheap food joint where you get good Kouskous and salads.

Drinks are available at places like

Le Boef sur Le Toit

‘Beef on the roof’ is an awesome place for food, drinks, music and dance.

Bar Jamaica

This place is famous amongst the tourists.

So, whether you are here en-route to somewhere else, or your here to spend some time in the city, Tunis has everything you could need to make your stay more than memorable.


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