Carthage: The Ancient City Of Tunisia

Carthage in Tunisia

The Carthage is located on the Bay of Tunis, hundred miles from the Sicily’s western tip. It is said that the city was established by Phoenicians people who fled from Tyre (now Lebanon) at somewhere around 8th or 9th century B.C., under Queen Dido’s leadership. The city has been declared as a national monument. UNESCO added Carthage’s archaeological site in the World Heritage List in the year 1979.

From the pages of past

Carthage was involved in continuous war from mid of third century to the mid of second century BC, the wars popularly known as Punic Wars saw Rome overpowering the Carthage. The entire region was destroyed and no human being lived thereafter.

During 122 BC Roman Senate made an unsuccessful attempt to establish society in Carthage. It has been found that Julius Caesar made some landless people to live there and Augustus in 29 BC established the administration centre of Roman province of African region at the site. The place later was called Colonia Julia Carthago and it became so rich and famous that it started getting named with other prosperous cities of Rome. From the third century mid the city began to lose its charm.

By the closure of second century Christian Bishop got here. In all fourth and fifth centuries Carthage was shaked by Pelagian and Donatist controversies.

Vandal ruler Gaiseric entered the city without much facing much resistance and in AD 533 Vandal faced defeat from Byzantine army lead by Belisarius. The Arabs conquered Carthage in AD 705 and thereafter it got concealed by Tunis the new town.

What you must see

May be Roman Carthage was damaged, the ruins can be seen, like delineate of numerous wall and a canal. The ancient Byrsa had huge temples devoted to Juno, Minerva and Jupitar, and close to it was Asclepius temple. There are some great Roman sculptures which have survived the test of time. Some important ruins like Roman Amphitheatre and the thermal Antoine Baths, once counted among the largest baths build by Romans continue to attract tourists in large numbers, so if you go to Carthage make sure you see these things. You can get amazing view of Carthage from the closely located Byrsa Hill.

How you can reach Carthage

You can get down at Tunis-Carthage International Airport. If you are taking water path then there are ferry services available from Sardinia, Sicily, Genoa, Naples, Marseille and Malta. The famous TGM (light train) would take you to Carthage Byrsa Station if you wish to go by train. Coming to roadways there public bus services available or you can hire a car from Avenue Habib Bourguiba towards Sidi Bou Sayed.


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