Enchanting Experiences at La Gazelle D’O

La Gazelle D'Or

The beautiful confines of North Africa will give you great memories to muse about and will draw you like a magnet.

One such amazing experience is the stay at La Gazelle D’Or, which is amidst a fascinating stretch of bougainvillea gardens and absolutely fragrant citrus gardens. Lying very close to the very old city of Taroudant, this is a beautiful hotel here. With the suites and rooms completely air conditioned, there are balconies and terraces and private verandahs too.

The spa here gives good massages, and oil bath along with the body mask treatment for an absolutely traditional Morocco Hammam. With a lovely heated outdoor pool, and a beautiful hotel ambience, the clay tennis court is only an add on to the pleasures one enjoys here. Horse riding is also very common here.

There are grand pavilions, set around a grass garden with magnificent surroundings. The views from here are eye catching, the hotel by itself is a green paradise, and it feels you have come to another home outside home. There is a certain worldly charm about this place with the 33 suites and amazingly beautiful pavilions. Tours here are really worth a try. All these are found enconsced in the surroundings of flower covered walls, which belong to the stone cottages. With the Moroccan hand woven rugs and antiques absolutely decorated, the entire experience of coming to La Gazelle d’Or is enthralling. Add to this, the cozy log fires, and you have some spacious terraces and wonderfully constructed private terraces. It is a great place where you can come, relax, and enjoy a sumptuous breakfast.

Tourists coming here enjoy the lunch by the pool. Rose alleys here provide great visual delight and also the best sights of colorful butterflies.

Thus, tours to La Gazelle D’or are one of the best tours to North Africa.


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