Red Sea Diving Experiences

Hurghada Red Sea Diving

Visit the beautiful confines of Northern Africa and enjoy the pleasures of being in paradise. There are many ways you could make your tours exciting and pleasant by diving in the Red Sea is one such delight.

With beautiful corals, beautiful visibility and millions of fish in the sea surroundings, the sheltered reefs, and the lovely corals are a mainstay of tours here. The sights of the magnificent wrecks and pinnacles along with walls make it a perfect scuba diving destination. There are three main areas in this beautiful sea so enjoy this beautiful pleasure with the lovely regions of El Gouna, Safaga, Hurghada in the northeastern Red Sea Coast, Sharm El Sheik, Nuweiba and Dahab in the Sinai Peninsular region, El Quesir, Hamata and Marsa Alam in the Southeastern Red Sea Coast.

The pleasurable scuba diving is filled with the best of lion fish and the coastal area encompasses the Israeli border around the Sinai Peninsula. The divers have a wonderful time here making their way through the blue waters. Go along the El Gouna through Safaga and Hurghada combining the pleasures of the delights in the Red Sea. There are many wrecks and reefs here, which are very close to the famous and popular places like Cairo and Luxor.

There is a panoramic view of the magnificent reefs from Hurghada and there are walls around the Ramada and Giftun islands and is within a trip in a boat around the wreck at Abu Nuhas. You also get the best sights of Panorama Reef and Salem Express.

Diving in the Red Sea gives an amazing sight of  diverse kind of fish where divers get the best sights of thousands of anthias, blue spotted rays, angel fish and butterfly fish as also some of the best coral groupers.

Visit the magnificent surroundings of the Northern part of Africa and enjoy your tours.


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