See South Africa’s Famous Jumping Great White Shark!

Jumping Great White Shark

Find peace of mind & answers to your questions about South Africa’s famous jumping great white shark. Free advice. Experience the thrill of seeing a magnificent jumping great white in the wild! See The Amazing Jumping Great White Shark On A South Africa Safari!

Captured by both The Discovery Channel and National Geographic documentaries, South Africa’s jumping great whites are stunning. You have two ways to see them.

  • you can view them from the boat or
  • You can don a wet suit, get into a shark cage and view them underwater.

Either way, this experience is a wonderfully exciting addition to your African safari.

Why Does The Jumping Great White Shark Jump?

Why Do They Jump?

You may want to know the reason these great white sharks leap? It is because as they hunt, they attack a fleeing seal from below. Their acceleration makes them catapult into the air. Thus Discovery Channel named them “Air Jaws”.

This behavior was first chronicled in the wild in South Africa.

It was first observed in South Africa’s famous “Shark Alley”, a channel of water that seals must pass through if they are to feed. Winter (May through September) is when you have the best chance to see the great whites since it is then that the seals congregate most.

Shark Alley is just an hour outside Cape Town you can fit it into your itinerary quite easily.

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