Ghana is one of the best places to visit in Western Africa and lies on the gulf of Guinea to the northern part of the equator. With the Burkina Faso in the north, the Cote d’Ivoes in the west, and the Togo Republic in the east this is a beautiful land which spans over an area of 92,000 square miles. With the best features of a sandy coast in the western side, the beauty of this region lies in the bushes, savannas, and the grassy plains. With many rivers and streams intersecting the entire landscape, the pleasures of being in this part of the world is something that has to be experienced.

Canoes form a mainstay of tours here and as you boat across the streams here the travels here are filled with a kind of fascination that is irresistible. The sea level here varies from 300 feet to 1500 feet.

June to August is the time, when tourists visit Ghana the most and the warm climate here gives you the facility to enjoy the best of travels here. Accra, the capital of Ghana, is a place that has the most memorable sights and extremely cherishable tours. You have the coco and Bojo beaches, Makola Market, Aburi Botanical Gardens, National Museum of Ghana and the Manhyia Palace museum, Centre for national Culture, Kumasi Fort & Military Museum. Elmina has two major castles to visit and they are the Saint George’s Castle, and the Elmina Castle.

Ghana is also famous for eco tourism and is a major tourist attraction here and has the best of wildlife pleasures. Ghana is popular for 15 national parks where you get the best of natural habitats and wildlife experiences. The Kakum National park is very famous here and has more than 200 varieties of avifauna and more than 400 kinds of butterflies. The Boabeng Monkey Sanctuary lies here in the Brong Ahafo region and is popular for the population of wild monkeys. There are many natural wonders like the Mount Afadjato, Lake Volta Estuary and the Kyabobo national park. Ghana also has the most magnificent waterfalls like the Tagbo Wli and the Tsattsodu waterfalls.

People who visit Ghana come to enjoy the rural ambience and the lovely surroundings. the simple sights of locals working in the countryside and the pleasures of seeing a totally different land filled with agriculture and tourism is something interesting.

Accra is called the Gateway to Ghana and has many attractions like the Du Bois Memorial center, the National Museum and the Pan Africa culture. The museum tells tales from now to times during the prehistorical era. The Du BOis memorial is entirely for the life of W.E.B Du Bois who was a great fighter for civil rights.

Urban markets are very common in Accra, and there are many vendors selling various stuff here. Then you have the lovely Kokrobite Beach which is another lovely land filled with a lot of travel attractions. The Labadi Pleasure beach is also a great destination to be in , in this part of Western Africa.

Entire Ghana has a lot of British influence. So you would get to see castles built in the colonial times and also many fishing villages and historic towns. Add to this, the fact that you have canopy guided tours here and the travels to Ghana would be really enchanting and attractive.

Visit Kumasi in Ghana and see the monument here which has the Komfo Anokye sword which means the sword that cannot be moved. There are many air taverns, craft markets and casinos here which fill your travel experiences with a lot more than you could expect.

Then you have the Mole national Park which is a paradise for elephants. There are many game mammals seen roaming here. Also you could surely enjoy seeing the leopard or lion here. As they pad through the entire stretch of savanna grassland, this is a great experience in tours to West Africa. Come to the Volta region and experience the beauty of the waterfalls and the pristine feel of the ambience here. Visit Nzulesu which is another lovely traditional village here and bask in the pleasures of the past.

With more than 23 million people and at least 50 dialects, Ghana is a land that should not be missed in West African travels. With the innumerable sights and the exquisite travel locales, the tours to Ghana are filled with a kind of traditional feel that is unmistakable.