How to Rent a Car for Uganda Self Drive in 2020

Uganda Self Drive

If you wish to immerse yourself into the destination’s natural wonders and as well discover off the beaten path spots, there is no better way than self drive. This is the main reason why thousands of travelers to Uganda are adapting to it.

Without doubt Uganda is a must see in East Africa. Bordered by Kenya in the East, Democratic Republic of Congo in the West, Tanzania in the South, South Sudan in the north and Tanzania in the South, this incredible destination packs plenty into the travelers’ multiday tours.

Besides the abundant attractions, Uganda invites tourists with stable security, welcoming locals, favorable climatic conditions, good service providers and ease of accessibility. Travelers land in to appreciate the beauty of this pearl of Africa.

There are two options for you, either book for a tailor made safari or a Uganda car rental for self-drive in Uganda. For the best experience don’t hesitate to book for a well-conditioned 4×4 jeep and self-drive to Uganda’s scenic spots. If you are not sure of the best way to book your jeep for Self-drive in Uganda, endeavor to check our highlight below.

Choose your Car of interest

Dealing with something you aren’t sure of is usually a mess, therefore it is better you first decide and choose for your car of interest. Some of the cars provided include Toyota Rav 4, Land cruisers, Safari vans and Super customs.

If you are travelling in a group of friends or family, the best jeep for you is either a Safari van or Super custom. Then for couples or those who are less than four, you can use a Toyota Rav 4 or Land cruiser. For those who wish for game drives, you must book for a Car with pop up roof.

Seek for recommendation

Choosing a genuine car rental agency is one of the hardest things since most travelers are less informed about it.

Therefore the best solution is to seek for recommendation from your friends or a relative who has ever been on a Uganda Self-drive. If that isn’t enough or possible, you can use different forums or online review platforms like Trip advisor.

To ease things for you, one of the best Car rental agencies in Uganda is 4×4 Uganda Car Rentals. This leading car rental company specializes in providing well-conditioned Vehicles to travelers who are up to Self-drive Safaris in Uganda.

Inquire with the Rental Agency

After deciding on the Car you would like to use for your Self-drive Safaris in Uganda, you can now inquire with the Car rental agency about availability and the cost for the rental.

If you are even not decided on which car to use, don’t hesitate to ask for advice from the reservation agent about the best jeep to use for Self-drive in Uganda. Make sure to specify all what you need and what to do on your holiday in Uganda.

Know the Rental terms & conditions

Nothing is more frustrating than being fined of what you are not aware of, therefore before you book the rental with the agency make sure to go through all the terms and conditions that govern all the Car rental agencies in Uganda.

Ask for a soft copy, read and understand them before you make a final decision. After all that you are free to go further provided that you are willing to go by the terms and conditions.

Confirm the booking

Later confirm the rental booking in advance such that your Safari vehicle is reserved in advance. Don’t leave the rental on pending especially during the peak season when there is high demand for the Jeeps.

Make a deposit

To secure your booking one hundred percent, make sure to make a deposit. With this, the rental company will be certain and a Car will be confidently reserved for you. After all that, I think you will grab yourself a better deal on Car Rentals in Uganda. Enjoy a remarkable Self-drive Safari in this hub of natural wonders.


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