10 Reasons Why Uganda is a Must Visit


You have no reason to omit Uganda while on an African Wildlife Safari. Christened the Pearl of Africa by Sir Winston Churchill, Uganda hides itself in the Eastern region of the continent.

It shares boundaries with Kenya in the East, Democratic Republic of Congo in West, Rwanda in the South west and Tanzania in the South.  It is amongst the top African destinations that welcome in thousands of travelers per year. If it is missing on your safari list in Africa, expect to miss out on plenty. Adding to diverse Wildlife, we have tried to mention some of the major reasons why you must visit this maze of natural wonders.

Ease of accessibility;

From country to country, entry is not an easy thing, but with Uganda it is a totally different story. It is easy to access this amazing destination, provided that you have the three required documents. These requirements include a valid passport, yellow fever vaccination card and the tourist Visa. You can usually get the Visa on arrival or book in advance to avoid the quo at Entebbe International Airport.

Stable security;

When it comes to securing countries in Africa, Uganda is on that list. Most of the country’s regions are scattered with police posts that are responsible security. Uganda also has a Tourism police that provides security to all travelers on a safari.

Appealing hospitality services;

Besides security, Uganda’s hospitality services are unbeatable. The country consists of thousands of accommodation facilities that are dotted in its different regions with top notch services and ensure customer satisfaction.

Favorable climatic conditions;

The country experiences two seasons including the rainy and dry season. Uganda’s dry season (little rain and temperature rates are not so high) tends to be favorable as compared to other African countries. This is usually more inviting for tourists who are in Uganda to escape the winter seasons in their home countries.

Abundant things to see;

Starting from primates, Wildlife, Culture, physical features to historical monuments, Uganda has a list of things that keep travelers hopping for more revisits. Of all things to see in Uganda, travelers are more attracted by the diverse Wildlife and the Gorillas. And it’s the most common reason for most tourists who decide to inject in their money for a flight ticket to Uganda.

Uganda is amongst the three destinations that provide home to the rare endangered mountain Gorillas. Other two destinations include Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo.

Amongst the three listed spots, Uganda outranks with the largest population of remaining species of Gorillas. These apes mainly inhabit the lush habitats of Virunga massif (shared by Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo).

Enchanting things to do;

Without doubt, Uganda has a plethora of things to make your days. Whether you are after Wildlife and Cultural encounters, active adventures, local life or culinary adventures, there is something for everyone. Uganda’s list of things to do is endless, but we have tried to list out the must-dos.

Gorilla Trek. Gorillas live in the Jungles and are rarely seen. If visiting your apes is on your wish list, don’t hesitate to book for a gorilla safari in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park or Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

Usually on this excursion, one is only allowed are maximum of 1 hour in the company of these endangered species. This experience is at a cost that goes to the tracking permit and conservation of mountain gorillas

Launch trip cruise. For those after spending some time on water, launch trip cruise is the best thing to start with. It lasts for about 2 – 2 ½   hours, and you won’t stop appreciating the sweeping views of riverside scenery.

Game drives. This is hard to ignore, especially if you are visiting the country for Wildlife. It includes drives around the park suburbs for endless views of Wild animals, sunset and the Wilderness. A vehicle with pop up roof is the best to use for this.

White water rafting. Offered in Jinja along the waters of River Nile, this adrenaline activity is a dream for most active adventurers. A half day experience starts in the morning until in the afternoon.

Warm welcome from the country’s Locals; It is said again and again, Uganda has one of the most welcoming and hospital people in the World. With their smiling faces, care and association, for a foreigner you can feel like you are home.

Delicious local cuisine; One of the best highlights for any trip is tasting on the delectable local food, more so for foodies. While in Uganda, this is the first thing you should think of, the country features a number of delicious dishes that are worth to savor. Most cities like Kampala are dotted by many eateries that serve these specialties at affordable prices.

Its vibrant nightlight life is wow; For anyone who loves fun, if there is something not to miss in Uganda is its night life. Its capital Kampala is full of bars and night clubs that feature fresh drinks and entertaining music. It is really a fabulous environment to enjoy out with your friends or loved ones.


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