The Rovos Rail: Best South Africa Luxury Train

Rovos Rail Train

Want to experience the luxury of Rovos Rail or The Blue Train? You’ve come to the right place! Find peace of mind & answers to your questions about the best South Africa luxury train for you.

Have you failed to decide between the Rovos and the Blue Train. More objectively, the comparisons are as follows;

Superb deals on these world famous trains. South Africa boasts two great luxury trains — the ultra-modern Blue Train, billed as “hyper-luxury,” and the restored classic Rovos, known as “The Pride of Africa.”

Both are essentially elegant, five-star hotels on wheels, offering passenger’s uncompromising service and the glamor of travel from a golden age. They are an unparalleled way to do your South Africa tour.

Rovos Rail Tours

Rovos generally does not travel at night, whereas The Blue Train does. The Blue Train is a modern train, whereas Rovos is restored. Thus the suspension of The Blue Train allows night travel.

Rovos’s itineraries are generally longer and thus more leisurely. This is in part due to the above mechanics.Whichever train you choose, while aboard, you will experience Africa at a leisurely pace and in unsurpassed comfort. Tour guides who are well trained and knowledgeable lead daytime excursions from either train. And your private butler attends to your every need while you are on board.

In addition to the wonderful food and wine, the fine linens, the exemplary service, what we appreciate most is the most exclusive luxury Rovos Rail can offer – time. Time to enjoy and revitalize yourself. Time with those you love and share priceless moments that you will share forever.

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