Hassan Tower: Finest Piece Of Moroccan Architecture

Hassan Tower

The Hassan Tower is an incomplete minaret of Hassan mosque which was constructed with the intension of making largest minaret in the Islamic world. This unfinished tower roars the great style and design of Moroccans, though incomplete it completely wins the minds of visitors. Standing tall in Rabat, the imperial city of North African kingdom this structure has always been special place of visit in Morocco. This eight century old tower, adorned by beautiful gardens around it, was listed as world heritage site by UNESCO in the year 1995. The site also houses the Mosque and Mausoulem of Mohammed V and it is the place where he on returning from exile, gathered thousands of Moroccans to thank God who gifted independence of their country to them.  It  is among the few sacred sites where non Muslims are allowed to enter. People who come here are amazed by the beautiful interiors and cherish the visit through their life.


Boulevard Abi Regreg, Rabat, Morocco

From the pages of past

The construction of this marvelous architecture began in 1195, during the reign of Yacoub al-Mansour. The mosque was erected to surpass the great Cordoba mosque which used to capital city of western Islamic world at that time. It is said that  the mosque was designed by an architect named, Jabir, who modeled it on the minaret of Koutoubia which he built earlier. The construction of structure came to halt after the death Mansour in 1199, the hall of the mosque was destroyed by the violent earthquake.  History experts say that the building of this colossal mosque, which was not compatible with the size of city Rabat that time, reflects the Almohade leader’s ambition to make the city his new capital as the place is strategically located between empire’s theen capital city, Marrakech, and the Iberian Peninsula which was under his kingdom that time

Architectural Style

The incomplete Hassan Tower showcases the magnificently huge dimensions of an unfinished mosque.  Hassan Tower is soaring 44m high and greatly speaks of the breathtaking Moroccan Almohad architecture. This sandstone tower is 16m from each side and the exteriors are covered with Islamic calligraphy. The rectangular edifice which was supposed to be 88m high reflects the reverence which Moroccans had for mosques. Inside the structure there are ramps instead of stairs which reflects the architectural genius. Hasan Tower, the Koutoubia minaret and the Giralda tower are three sister towers that embodies the same striking feature distinguishing the Almohad minarets, rectangular in shape, the Islamic calligraphy and the unified design. These exhibit the great architectural and mathematical knowledge of that era and the advance building knowledge of that time, when cities of Morocco and Spain were talked for their much civilized taste, culture and learning.

How to reach

Air: Casablanca Mohammed V Airport or Rabat Sale Airport

Rail: Train from Rabat Agdal or Rabat Ville station

Road: Car can be hired from Casablanca Rabat Highway



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