If there is a question like where are the Seychelles, and if anyone asks you that you should probably ask them go get some Seychelles holidays.  There are small and lovely remote islands that are completely un-touched by the modern world.

The islands are about one thousand miles which are due east from Mombasa. Once you leave from here, it is the same distance that is due south from the Indian sub continent.

When you here on your Seychelles holidays, you will notice that land is surrounded by clear and warm seas of the lovely Indian ocean. The weather here is quite gentle and there are absolutely no hurricanes nor any cyclones attached to this place. This is a pace where both, the temperature in the day time and the night time are pretty pleasant.  If you want anything close to a special holiday which is more of a secret and not many people know of, then there is no place like Seychelles so you should definitely come on some Seychelles holidays.

The surroundings here are almost completely untouched and the surroundings are awesome and natural there is a holiday where you can relax, and recharge. After you are done with these, you can return back home feeling awesome.

There are about one hundred and fifteen islands here out of which only sixteen of them are inhabited.

The main Mahe Island has a population of about sixty five thousand.  The size of this place is almost sixteen kilometers long and about six kilometers wide. The capital of this lovely place is Victoria.

The second largest island here is the Praslin Island. This happens to be the second largest island here which is about thirty six kilo meters away from Mahe. The population at this place is about seven thousand one hundred.  This place is about ten kilo meters in length and about three and half kilo meters wide. 

La digue Islands.  These happen to be the third largest island that you will get to witness on your amazing Seychelles holidays.  This island lies about six kilo meters from Praslin. The population on this island is roughly about six thousand. 

There are lots of things to do in Seychelles, like Bird watching, scuba diving, exploring the flora and fauna, fly fishing, whale and shark tagging, walking trails, golf, horse riding.

You should go into the details a little of bird watching and see what you could do in this regard on your Seychelles holidays.