Free Things to Do in Rwanda

Kigali Genocide Memorial Site

Many visit different tourism destinations in Rwanda & leave without exploring the wide range of Rwanda treasures. This is because many visit the country for several travel reasons and end up only fulfilling the main reason for their travel forgetting to discover the other beautiful side of the country. Among the guests include the investors, tourists with particular interests though gorilla tracking takes the large portion every year according to the country tourist arrival statistics. Some travelers lack time and others travel on a very tight budget which make them get limited to access some destination though they may wish to. Always make a good research and get to know exactly what is in place and even dig out for free activities around the area which may add value to you stay for example visiting the local markets for shopping, attending local community celebrations among others.

Thousands of travelers think to be part of any adventure in Africa you have to part with some dollars which isn’t the case in some African countries like Rwanda. Though some tourism ventures requires you to Save some good dollars or pounds in order to be part of them. The Tourism treasures of Rwanda include the 1994 genocide sites, Kigali City, mountain Gorilla Park, leisure activities of Lake Kivu,view 13 primates in Nyungwe, enjoy the best birding experience of Rwanda montane forests & wetlands, get close to locals as they entertain you with the best cultural dance performance etc and some of them are for free for example a visits to any Genocide site, swimming at a Lake Kivu,local community walks , a visit to the Rwanda market etc.

Kigali Genocide Memorial centre

Once you in Kigali, start by visiting this place as a way of remembering our brothers and sisters who were massacred in 1994. This place has all the memories and things you wish to know about the Genocides of Rwanda. This is deeply powerful and moving memorial for which you should dedicate at least half a day. No need tp pay for entrance fee unless if you want to go for the audio tour which costs only US$15. The cost includes the background and the most moving section is that of the children who feel victims to the killers. You can also move upstairs to the section which explains more about the other genocides of the world. Apart from that other Genocide sites like Gisozi, Nyamata is for free.

Swimming at a lake kivu

The only free style lake in Rwanda kivu is a place for many and can be accessed in all angles either from Kigali, Gasenyi, But are Musanze etc.This is another place to relax and chill in Rwanda for free you only pay if you need to experience the fun of the boat trip to the Island, do some fishing, but still you can relax and admire the beautiful Rwanda views as you sun bath without parting with any coin. However, cold drink are a must since its a call for the day. Also feel free to visit the hot spring which boils the potatoes and have fun as you watch locals frequent the place for blessings and miracles.

Local community walks

Looking for a fun way to burn off a few extra calories or stay motivated with your fitness while in Rwanda. Wake up and take your breakfast and later take a leisure walk to the nearby community a nice rare adventure where you will feel like a star since all locals will be happy and eager to see you around their community. Its good to move with some pens, pencils as gifts you give to a few friends you meet and make as round the community. Trust me you will make hundreds of friends in just a day including children and adults. This a free venture which most tourists ignore and think its waiting time but no fun at all. Try it and others will   some day.

Despite the variety of free tourism activities in Rwanda. on a Rwanda safari, you will also have very good time for you to take on the big adventures if the country like gorilla tracking, chimpanzee tracking, Game drives, birding watching tours, and boat rides as another way of adding fun to your stay in anew destination. Discover Rwanda from a different perspective and get a difference.


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