4X4 Rental Cars in East Africa

Tanzania Safari Car

When it comes to car rentals in Africa, we stand out from thousands of car hire agencies widely spread across East Africa as the best providers of world class car rental services. All our 4×4 rental cars are fully serviced, affordable, have comprehensive insurance and air conditioned. Besides, we provide 24/7 road assistance and also help our clients book for accommodation, gorilla trekking permits, chimpanzee permits to mention but a few.

Renting 4×4 cars with us for long term or short term allows you enjoy our huge discount offers. We present our clients with variety of options to choose from right from 4×4 Toyota Prado with pop-up roof, Land Cruiser V8, Nissan Safari, Mini Vans, Land Cruiser GX, Land Cruiser with rooftop tents, Toyota Rav4, Super Customs, all preferable for all kinds of East Africa safaris.

4×4 Toyota Rav4

Our 4×4 Toyota Rav4 are available at affordable rate ranging from $35-45. These are recommended for 2-pax and comes with spacious boot to accommodate your luggage. Renting 4×4 Toyota Rav4 makes your navigation easier especially if you plan to go self-drive in East Africa. These equipped with a number of features including air conditioner, FM radio, spare tyre, powerful steering and comes in compact size. You can choose from 3 door Toyota Rav4 to 5 door Toyota Rav4.

Prado with pop-up roof

Book Prado with pop-up roof excellent for game viewing and photography in East Africa. These are available in automatic and manual transmission, diesel engine 3.0 turbo.

Land Cruiser V8 with pop-up

Land Cruiser V8 with pop-up roof is the best for wildlife viewing in the savanna wilderness areas in East Africa or if you want to go for photography. It is fitted with powerful engine, air conditioner, capacity of 2-5pax, robust and available in automatic transmission.

Land Cruiser VX, GX with pop-up roof

For any plans to go self-drive in East Africa, renting Land Cruiser VX, GX should be a must-do. We have both manual and automatic transmission models with diesel engine, equipped with air conditioners. Rent our Land Cruiser VX, GX and enjoy unlimited mileage.

Mini van

Go explore East Africa in a new style using our best Toyota Super Custom and Hiace Vans, either manual or automatic model. These are all fitted with air conditioner, pop-up roof for excellent game viewing in the savanna wilderness areas.

2 rooftop tents Land Cruiser

Enjoy the best of East Africa holiday using a comfortable Toyota Land Cruiser fitted with 2 rooftop tents. These are ideal for families on trip of about 5pax. We have Land Cruiser hardtop, V8, Nissan, VX, GX among others.

Land Cruiser with rooftop tent for 2pax

Book Toyota Prado and Land Cruiser V8 or GX fitted with double rooftop tent and accommodates 2pax. This is comprehensively insured and comes with unlimited mileage, mini fridge, 24/7 road assistance.

Nissan patrol/safari

We have the best 4×4 Nissan safari preferable for self-drive safaris in East Africa. This is available in automatic transmission model fitted with 4200cc diesel engine, air conditioners, fully serviced.

Land Cruiser hardtop/extended 7 Seater

For a memorable family tour or group safaris in East Africa, a 4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser hardtop/extended is amazingly the best choice you can make. This is fitted with mini fridge; air conditioner and you enjoy unlimited mileage. This is the most popular car rental in Tanzania and it is quite good for outdoors in the less accessible places such as the Ngorongoro Crater Region.


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