Renting Safari Vans in Uganda

Safari Van

When it comes to Uganda car rental, safari vans are of no doubt the best choice to consider. Get the best of your Uganda holiday only by using our classic, reliable and affordable Safari van rentals in Uganda. Safari vans are amazing to travel with to your Uganda safari destination as they come with lots of benefits. Is your plan to travel as a family, large group or you have luggage? This shouldn’t stress you much because our safari vans have you sorted.

Benefits to enjoy when you rent safari vans for your Uganda safaris

  1. Adequate space and comfort

If you are interested in adequate space not only for you to stretch legs but also to accommodate your luggage then choose safari vans for all your Uganda safaris and you won’t regret in life. Given the available space, you definitely be assured of a comfortable road trip. There is possibility to adjust your seats to create room for you to relax your legs especially as you embark on long trips.

Our safari vans are available in different types and you can choose one depending on their capacities. They range from 7 seaters, 12 to 14 seaters. These are suitable for luxurious travel, business and other customized safaris. They also come with rooftop, thus guaranteeing you excellent view of wildlife especially on big game safaris in Murchison Falls National Park, Kidepo Valley National Park or in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

2. Variety for you to choose the best

Provided you have an idea of a van hire in Uganda, we present you with variety of options to choose your best. Our 4×4 safari vans are available in various categories; business class, town running. They are suitable even for off-road trips while on a game drive in Uganda’s Murchison Falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Lake Mburo or in Kidepo National Park.

3. Affordable

Our safari vans are cheaper than luxurious Land Cruisers yet also come with so many benefits. This makes them the most preferred rental cars for Uganda safaris or for getting around Uganda.

4. Economical when it comes to fuel consumption and management

When renting any car, your worry should be on fuel consumption. Don’t incur much on fuel because safari vans are that economical and saves you a lot especially while on long tour in Uganda. Note, fuel prices differ from town to town or country to country, it might be cheaper back in your home and higher in Uganda. Other than opting for larger vehicles, take safari van that suits within your wallet.


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