What to look for when selecting a car rental agency in Sudan

Driving in South Sudan

Are you planning to hire a car in Sudan with a car rental agency and you aren’t sure which things to look out for? The stress that comes with renting a car from hundreds of car rental agencies, one never wishes to make a repeat of it because it takes a bit of process to find a reputable, reliable and trustworthy car hire company to deal with. Others may think of borrowing from friends, family or go on public transportation but it isn’t the best alternative if you need a flexible road trip.

The car hire agency offers the best choice for travelers on safari in Sudan to have flexible exploration of the country’s different parts but essentially, the car rental company you choose to deal with to rent a car plays valuable role in making your trip absolute. To help select the best car rental agency in Sudan, we have put together a number of factors to guide you appropriately;

Prices for car hire

This is one of the key factors any car renter should always consider when selecting a car rental Sudan. Like other states, every car hire company has its own prices for which cars are hired. It is always important to look through various car rental agencies to find out which one has the best rates with the best offers. Considering different car rental agencies gives you room to compare and don’t mistake the high prices for quality service in some instances, it isn’t true. On the other hand, don’t get moved by cheap things otherwise some come with a cost and at the end, they become expensive.


Once you Google, you will come across a list of hundreds of car rental companies/tour companies with their reviews written about them by previous travelers who used them companies. This presents you avenue to check what the previous travelers said about them and also, take a look at their profile to find out if they are registered by authorities in Sudan or not prior considering doing any business with any of them.


Fuel policy differs from one car rental agency to another. On the other hand, some companies may quote or not and in case they quote, there is possibility that they may quote a high/low price. It is also possible for some car rental agencies to hire to you a car with fuel and you will be expected to return it with full tank as you took it. Failure to do so means breaking the agreement.


When choosing which car rental agency to deal with for your safaris in Sudan, make sure you check through their insurance policy/terms and conditions. Some companies have their rental cars comprehensively insured. Insured rental car can save you much especially in case of accidents and other damages.

Mileage terms and conditions

Different car rental agencies in Sudan have different mileage terms and conditions. While others may offer unlimited mileages, some provide limited mileage. Don’t limit yourself when you have a lot to explore or incur additional charge you didn’t plan for because you didn’t look through the company’s mileage offers.

Road assistance

One of the reasons why some travelers prefer hiring cars with particular car hire agencies is the fact that they offer 24/7 road assistance. This is essential especially in case of car breakdown, the car rental company can provide a rescue car.

Additional costs

It is always important to be mindful of the hidden costs/charges as some car rental agencies or companies at times don’t disclose to their clients online till the time you book with them. Not to be taken by surprise with a new charge, ensure you ask so that you find out what is included or excluded on your quotation.



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