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Top 10 Reasons To Buy Travel Insurance

Top 10 Reasons to Buy Travel Insurance

Although travel insurance is easily one of the last things many travelers think about before setting out on a safari, it is something you should never go without. Here are the top 7 reasons to take out travel insurance before going out on an adventure.

1.) Loss/theft of luggage – The safety of your luggage is never guaranteed. Your bag may get stolen in a hotel or it may never make it to your hotel room in the first place. In such as situation, travel insurance will cater for all the replacements you will have to make while on safari.

2.) Loss/theft of travel documents – This is usually the biggest worry most tourists face. Although you should be careful with these documents, anything can happen and having insurance to cover the costs of replacing them is crucial.

3.) Cancellation – Airlines cannot be held liable for bookings you might forfeit as a result of flight cancellation. In this case insurance can be of much help if you have to pay for accommodation you never even got to use in the first place. Insurance will also be of much help to you if you fail to travel due to sickness or some other reasons.

5.) Medical – Insurance may be of great help if you happen to fall sick while travelling. Medical assistance in a foreign country may cost you a huge sum of money, but with travel insurance you do not need to worry about the financial implications of falling sick while on safari.

6.) Curtailment – The possibility of cutting short a trip is real for any traveler. Whether it is due to sickness, loss of a loved one or being recalled from your vacation, shortening a trip is a possibility that you should cover when taking out travel insurance.

7.) Personal liability – While on safari, you may get yourself drunk to the point of breaking items in your hotel room. Chances are that you will be held liable for the damages. Having insurance to cover personal liability is highly recommendable.

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