10 Uganda Car Hire Tricks You Should Be Aware Of

Car in Uganda

Are you planning to rent a car in Uganda? Do you have any tips about car rental services in Uganda? In most cases, stepping in to the car hire company doesn’t necessarily bring automatic relationship between you and the agent as you may feel things should be done. The fear most travelers have rotates around extra charges that agents levy to them while renting a car for safari. Following some of these tricks that are listed below before hiring a car can get you the best car rental deal without incurring extra costs from a car hire agency.

Car rental services tend to push insurance that may not part of your budget

The commonest thing with car rentals in Uganda is the collision or damage waiver-CDW or LDW. Legally, this is not insurance but many travelers and car hire companies regard it insurance. At one point, some companies can suggest a visitor to exceptional prices of up to zero dollars per day given that a visitor purchased the insurance. In most cases, other car hire companies have kept denying directing their agents to use hard sell; mechanism to sell insurance. Everyone deserves collision or loss coverage on car hire but no one needs to purchase it at car rental company’s inflated prices. There are 3 ways, first your own auto insurance may cover you, secondly many credit cards offer no charge secondary coverage and thirdly you can purchase the coverage at pocket friendly price. The car hire company’s CDW or LDW has one huge benefit. In case you damage a vehicle, you can come back with it and walk away with no other charges. But for other insurance, visitors may be required to pay up front and make claims later. That freedom from responsibility comes at a high cost to traveler and a huge profit to car agency.

They keep piling damages charges

Car hire agencies do not like it when you use free credit card coverage and this means that they keep increasing new rates elements they think the card can’t cover so a visitor has to purchase their overrated stuff instead. You can incur extra charges in addition to actual prices to repair.  The credit cards and the 3rd party insurers seem to be keeping up with these increasing rates but this doesn’t halt a car hire agency from looking out for other means to dodge the relatively affordable means of insurance.

They overbook with impunity

Most car hire agencies tend to overbook just like the airline and hotels do. To repay for no shows and to off set drivers who come back with vehicles early. They tend to depend on historical experience to overbook to what they term safe level which reduces the impact of unable to offer a vehicle to a customer with reservation.

The safe level for a car hire company is a lot distinct than a safe level for an airline. When an airline bumps a visitor as result of overbooking, the visitor has the recourse of federally mandated cash compensation. The visitors who hire vehicle s on other hand have no such mandatory of ceiling system as may be the case with airline. The only effective ceiling for overbooking by car hire agency is how many dissatisfied clients they will understand.

They dig deep into your pocket especially when it comes to fuel costs

Many car hires have ‘get bit full’ ‘return it full’ fuel policy.  In case you bring the vehicle with less than full tank, the company refuels it and counts it to your bill and this may mean huge costs.

They charge for something which costs nothing

The most disturbing car hire costs are the daily costs for an additional driver.  The charge can up to 13 dollars per day depending on the company that you deal. You can runaway from these costs as some car hire agencies tend to remove them for spouses, domestic partners or business associates when on cooperation with the company.

They tend to play game especially with discounts

Car rental agencies are stubborn when it comes to posting artificially list costs then providing huge discounts to members and lots of other organizations. The fact is that the huge discounts normally apply selectively to the very high daily costs. The discounts on weekly charges tend to be much lower. Do not be attracted by price!

They charge more for driving less

Hire a vehicle for at least a week and pay less compared to two days or four days. You can hire a car for at least five days.

They add puzzling costs

Hire a car for a day. Some of the charges that tend come as a result include base costs, airport concession, customer facility fee, convention centre surcharge and parking fine recovery and many more if you are hiring a car in airport.

They include weak liability insurance

Enough liability protection is far more valuable compared to collision damage protection because in case it hurt somebody else, a huge damage award could wipe out the whole net worth and then some. The weak liability insurance differs from company to company.

They hide maximum age restrictions

Some car hire agencies give maximum age restrictions beginning at 60 years. This is not good and the worst of it is that such restrictions may not be indicated anywhere during the hiring process even in the website.  It is challenging as you may not identify the problem till you visit the car hire company.

In conclusion, when it comes to car rentals, a lot more needs to be taken care of other wise you end up being exploited. For the best car hire services in Uganda, contact our car rental company and we shall be at your service as soon as possible.


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